Specialists In Translational Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services

Peripheral nervous system ex vivo and in vitro

NeuroSolutions has extensive experience in investigating efficacy and function in the peripheral nervous system in intact animals and isolated models.

Whether examining ion channels through compound action potential recordings from naïve and pain models in a dish, recording whole phrenic nerve activity in vivo, or studying micturition in the intact ex vivo bladder model, our expert electrophysiologists will be able to design an assay to meet your requirements. Please get in touch if you would like a slide-deck covering in greater detail our experience in these areas, some commonly studied models are listed below:-

  • Whole nerve recording in vivo; phrenic/renal/VCN
  • Electrically-evoked compound action potential; sciatic nerve-DRG-dorsal root preparation
  • Saphenous nerve preparation
  • H-reflex pathway investigation
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