Specialists In Translational Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services

Extracellular local field potentials

NeuroSolutions has been studying neural circuits using extracellular recording techniques for over ten years.

We have a wealth of experience in performing mechanistic and efficacy studies using almost all the commonly studied pathways in the hippocampus and other brain regions in isolated rodent tissue as well as anaesthetised whole animal preparations.

  • In vitro and in vivo
  • Baseline synaptic function: I/O analysis, PPF/D
  • Synaptic plasticity: LTP/LTD, HFS and TBS
  • Different regions and pathways: CA1/3, DG, PFC
  • Disease model: LTP deficits with Aβ, α-synuclein
  • Epileptiform and frequency oscillations: hippocampal and cortical
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