Specialists In Translational Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services


Neurosolutions has been performing first class contract research since 2001 and continues to support the biopharmaceutical industry in developing new treatments for diseases occurring throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. Our particular strength in electrophysiology allows investigation of function in the naïve and diseased state at all levels of the neuraxis, and the contribution our data and knowledge have made, and continue to make, to drug development programs worldwide is significant.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Neurosolutions has received approximately £500K in grant funding for the commercialisation of academic know how through three separate 3 year programs;

  1. The development, validation and commercialisation of a new package of models to investigate stress/anxiety and depressive behaviours; University of Warwick Medical School
  2. The design, development and implementation of isolated tissue and behavioural models of learning/memory disorders; Queens University Belfast
  3. The development of murine models for pain; University of Warwick

PhD Studentships

Neurosolutions has sponsored two full-time PhD studentships over the past 8 years and continues to support new academic projects using internal resources and expertise, partnered with academic excellence at the University of Warwick, Monash University and elsewhere.

Publication list

A small representation of the impact Neurosolutions has made to neuroscience research since 2001 can be demonstrated by some of our recent publications:


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