Specialists In Translational Preclinical Neuroscience Research Services


Neurosolutions has a wealth of experience in providing first class preclinical translational research into the study, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. Our track record can be demonstrated in our manuscript publications and our key strength is in developing precisely tailored research packages to target out client’s needs. Whether it is in vitro or in vivo electrophysiological approaches, whole animal behavior or molecular biology techniques, our research teams will provide expert consultancy in putting together the study proposal you require, and our investigators will then rapidly deliver data of the highest quality to drive forward your research programs.

Relevant Neurosolutions Publications:

Disease Areas Behavioural Tests Electrophysiological Assays
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Barnes maze
  • Conflict anxiety model (high level illumination & odour)

In vivo: single unit recordings from hippocampus/ striatum/ substantia nigra/ dorsal raphe/ prefrontal cortex / brainstem Local field potential/population spike recording from hippocampus; CA1/DG/CA3, LTP, MEA

In vitro: whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from brain slices (current/voltage/blind/visualised)

Local field potentials – spontaneous and evoked extracellular recordings from brain slices, including LTP/LTD and multi-electrode recording (MEA) Ion channel pharmacology – state-dependency, kinetics, and site of action using cultured and primary dissociated neurones, cell lines1

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